Walkera Rodeo 110 drones racer CES 2017 2

Getting into drone racing can be exhilarating, but the barrier to entry can be daunting, you need a good racing drone, for starters. For those that are not quite ready to buy professional gear, just want to try out a hobby racer and see about getting started in the sport, let’s explore some inexpensive racing drones.

Our goal today is to stay under a $250 price point, but we may squeeze above a tad, if the machine warrants it.

Best racing drones under $250

  1. Walkera Rodeo 110
  2. Walkera Rodeo 150
  3. Fat Shark 101
  4. Blade Inductrix drones

Best racing drones for any budget

This is just a reminder that we have a larger list of racing drones for when you are ready to step it up. If you haven’t flown a racing drone before, just ignore this. 

Best racing drones


Drone legal and safety


Drone racing is a relatively new sport. While it has been fading from the limelight a little lately, the sport is as strong as ever. Prizes for competitions are as big as ever. The machines are as fast and agile as ever. It’s a fun time to be involved in the sport of racing drones.

We can’t all just hop into a race car and start winning races, we have to start somewhere. Today we propose you start with a racing drone under $250.

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