The next level of drones is underway, the folks at Autel Robotics have launched a machines with 40 minutes of flight time and an 8K camera. This is the Autel Robotics Evo II — just forgive us if we accidentally call it the Evo 2 now and then.

We’ve been fans of Autel Robotics for a while now, particularly because they create machines that can compete with DJI in a few segments. To that end, we are more excited than ever to see what a Mavic 3 looks like, if they compete with the Evo II. What I’m really trying to say, the Evo II may just be the best spec’d consumer-friendly drone right now. Too bad it’s not shipping to consumers just yet.

Evo 2 overview

Autel Robotics Evo 2 Dual side CES 2020

In terms of form-factor, the Evo II is not a dramatic difference from the original Evo. The newer machine is larger and heavier, but it flies much longer, has a bigger camera and more than a few other improved specifications.

The Evo line is similar to most of the DJI Mavic line, they are all folding drones that have a front mounted hanging camera.

Evo II

Autel Robotics Evo II

January 2020

Release Date

The Autel Robotics Evo II (Evo 2) is an exciting update to the initial Evo. Sharing much of the same ideology for form-factor and flight characteristics, the newer machine is an update in almost every way. Primarily, pilots should be excited for 40 minute flight times, extended connectivity range, and an 8K camera. Sure, you can upgrade to a Pro model that has a larger sensor and only a 6K camera, but base model Evo II buyers are getting their hands on one of the first consumer products to shoot 8K video, not just drones, one of the first, period.

This orange folding drone is a machine that satisfies consumers, but also tackles commercial and professional needs. Notably, the top model of the new Evo II line comes with a dual-camera configuration, sporting an 8K sensor and a decent IR camera. The base model and the commercial model each get that 1/2-inch 8K sensor, while the pro model gets a full 1-inch 6K sensor. They can all send the camera feed back to the Autel Robotics Live Deck, for your studio and independent recording needs as well.

The Autel Robotics Evo II will be available in early 2020 starting at $1495. Exact prices and availability yet to be announced.

  • Evo II - $1495
  • Evo II Pro - $1795
  • Evo II Dual - $1999+
FLIGHT TIME 40 Minutes


We are excited to see what this drone can do in the sky, and to put the cameras to the test, 8K sounds great, and 48MP photos could be fantastic, that 6K video on the 1-inch sensor has potential to be amazing as well. Granted, the 6K camera is 20MP, a size we’ve seen on a few drones before, so we’re hoping Autel has worked some magic to make it great.

Evo II price and availability

Autel Robotics Evo 2 Dual top CES 2020

Autel Robotics is only officially telling us that the Evo II line is “coming soon.” That said, they believe we should see the Evo II for $1495 by the end of January, the Evo II Pro for $1795 in February, and the Evo II Dual may be custom ordered along with the base Evo II soon. The Dual model may cost $1999 or more, depending on your choice of FLIR or other IR camera.

Autel Robotics Evo II

  • 40 - Minutes
  • 8K - 48MP
  • 45 - MPH

January 2020

Release Date

We’ll be touching base with Autel Robotics in the coming weeks to see about some hands-on time with them. Will you be seeking hands-on time with this drone?