Drones may have been a smaller focus at CES 2020, but the team from Swellpro were there with their best machines and accessories. Their enthusiasm for flight and fishing is infectious. Let’s let them chat about the new Splashdrone 3+ and the Spry+ waterproof drones.

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Two classes of waterproof drones ricked the show for Swellpro. The Splashdrone 3+ is a large and powerful machine designed for payload delivery, while the Spry+ is more of a hobby craft, ready to capture your aquatic adventures from the sky, and a little bit under the surface.

Swellpro Splashdrone 3 plus floating CES 2020

The Splashdrone 3+ may be great for search and rescue, have a solid 4K camera option, and can be plain fun for folks on the water, but it’s really made for fishing.

Several of the Splashdrone 3 payloads are equipped with fishing line delivery systems. You can use them to deliver your lure to the depths, or you can even use your drone as a flying bob. Fly the drone along to drag your hook and bait through the water or across the surface. The smallest payload delivery is a simple spring loaded line holder that will automatically drop the line with enough pressure.

Once your fishing line is delivered, hang out to capture the show in 4K, or fly home to save that battery for round 2.

The Splashdrone 3 starts at $1199, add a camera from $299 from there.


Swellpro Spry plus CES 2020

The Spry, as well as the new Spry+, are much smaller drones. They do not have fishing line delivery systems, they just have a waterproof build that can submerge a little, if needed. Both the Spry+ and Splashdrone can float on the surface, while doing so, their cameras are held under water to capture the view under the waves.

Spry+ is the kind of camera drone that you can take almost anywhere. Of note, the remote control is also fully waterproof, so you can safely take drone and remote out on your surf board, kayak, boat and more.


Swellpro Spry+

January 2019

Release Date

Swellpro announced the Spry, waterproof drone, at CES 2019, followed by the Spry+ at CES 2020. Compared to their previous models, this is a compact machine that floats on water and enjoys time in the sky. The 4K camera sits inside of a waterproof housing that submerges below the surface when the drone sits on water. You can fully submerge the drone, but it does not dive on its own, it's made to float. The Spry+ puts the GPS antenna in the disk on top, enabling better connectivity even while the drone is mostly submerged.

In case things go wrong, the remote control is also waterproof and made to float, making the Swellpro Spry one of the only drones you can safely take out surfing and kayaking, never mind boating or just flying at the lake.

Check out the SwellPro Spry+ for $987.

FLIGHT TIME 17 Minutes
CAMERA 4K 30fps


The Spry+ starts at $987 for a functional flight package, consider adding a couple extra batteries and some spare props to extend your flight capabilities.

Swellpro Spry+

  • 17 - Minutes
  • 4K - 30fps
  • 45 - MPH

January 2019

Release Date

We had fun with Eric and team at CES 2020. We are happy to see what they’ve accomplished and look forward to what they come up with next.

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