Hubsan H109S Pro

January 2017

Release Date

The Hubsan H109S Pro was Hubsan’s attempt at a more professional machine. Emulating the GoPro drone experience, it was good for its time.

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Hubsan may be popular for their smaller toy-class drones, but they build some serious gear as well. The Hubsan H109S Pro is a larger drone in their lineup, large enough to carry a GoPro. Out of the box, the H109S Pro has its own GoPro-sized camera installed, a 1080p shooter that was good in its time, but is far inferior to a modern GoPro. This is a simple machine and the gimbal is not stabilized, but if you are looking for a drone that is made to carry a GoPro camera, this is one of the best from a toy-class manufacturer.

Available in three models, the Standard offers the solid gimbal, the Advanced bumps up to a 3-axis gimbal, and the Professional has the 3-axis gimbal and updated controller with larger built-in display.

Check out the Hubsan H109S Pro starting from $319. The We must mention, this drone, like most machines made for GoPro cameras, is discontinued. You can still find it for sale, and it is still supported by Hubsan, for now.


FLIGHT TIME 21 Minutes
CAMERA 1080p 30 FPS
RANGE 1000 Meters

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