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The DJI Motion Controller is a one-handed control for the DJI FPV drone. Take-off, fly and land all with a few thumb-controls.

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March 2021

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Launched along side the DJI FPV, the DJI Motion Controller is a fun one-handed control for the hybrid racing drone. At launch, it was made only for the DJI FPV drone, but further drones may become available at a later date.

The remote is not a full featured control device, but it handles the very basics from take-off to landing.

The DJI Motion Controller launched for $199.

Unlike the familiar dual-joystick controller most camera drone operators are familiar with, the DJI Motion Controller offers no joysticks, and uses a different technique for drone operation. Designed for the FPV experience, the Motion Controller makes your drone feel more like an airplane than a quadcopter.

Tilt the controller side to side to yaw the craft. Tilt the controller up and down to point the nose of the craft up and down, squeeze the trigger for forward movement.

DJI FPV Motion Controller

As you might imagine, the Motion Controller is not a full-fledged remote control. There are a few missing features as compared to a full remote, but you can successfully take off, fly and land all one-handed now!

The red lock button acts as the starter and take-off button. The brake button puts the drone into a hover, and triggers the return to home function. The mode button, well, it changes flight modes. Tilt is for the camera gimbal, and the record button acts as predicted.

Operating the drone is done by tilting the remote itself and squeezing that accel trigger. All you camera drone operators, please pay attention, operation is not what you’re used to.

  • Tilting side to side does not strafe the drone, it turns it.
  • Tilting up and down does not raise and lower the drone, it changes its vertical trajectory when in motion.
  • Finally, the trigger move the drone forward.

The DJI FPV drone acts more like a remote airplane than it does a quadcopter drone when using the Motion Controller. If this feels a little unnatural to you, make sure you get your observer in place so you can get into the FPV Goggles. It feels much more natural when you feel like you’re in a video game.


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