March 2021

Release Date

The DJI FPV is a fun hybrid racing drone. Enjoy smooth FPV video as you fly at double the speed of your Mavic drone.


Drone racing is terribly fun, especially when you use VR goggles to enjoy the FPV video, but those drones can be tough to control. DJI’s camera drones are super easy to operate, but few are tailored to the FPV experience. DJI blended the two with the new DJI FPV.

Hold onto your controller, this drone is fast! Enjoy most of the best camera drone features that DJI produces, but in an agile machine that goes more than double the speed of the Mavic drone you are used to.

Let the 4K 60p camera capture superb video from the sky, while you enjoy a crisp experience right in front of your eyes, with the DJI FPV from $1299.00.

What is the DJI FPV?


The DJI FPV is a fun blend of a camera drone and a racing drone. You get the best of both worlds, but there are compromises. On one end, we do not recommend taking this drone to a pro drone race, it’s too heavy and not agile enough to keep up with most racing machines. On the other end, the one-axis stabilized camera gimbal, with electronic image stabilization, is far smoother than we had expected, but still does not maintain a silky-smooth video experience like your higher-end Mavic drones. Plus, the propellers get in the shot.

The most fun you'll have with a flying machine today!

Now that we’ve scared you off, please come back, this drone is fantastic! It’s not really made for the race track, and it’s not really a camera drone, so what is it? Well, it’s possibly the most fun you’ll have with a flying machine today.

The DJI FPV is an aggressive machine, even in its slowest flight mode, you’ll want to be gentle on the sticks in tight spots. Full tilt, the FPV soars at up to 87MPH, that’s about double what the best Mavic drones can do. In the vertical, we weren’t timing it, but we got from the ground up to 400 feet in just a few seconds. This drone is exhilarating, like many racing drones are, but you can also let go of the stick and this machine will lock onto as solid of a hover as DJI produces in a consumer drone today.

Bottom line, the DJI FPV is a drone for pilots, the thrill of flight packed into a stable drone that happens to shoot great video.

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DJI FPV performance


The racing scene is filled with machines that travel much faster than the average camera drone. While the FAA limits Part 107 operations to under 100MPH, the fastest racing drones can clock over 170MPH. The DJI FPV cannot go that fast, rated for 87MPH. For all of you seasoned Mavic pilots, that’s about twice as fast as you are used to.

It's fast.

The performance is not limited to just a top speed in straight flight, the power of the DJI FPV is evident in smaller operations as well. Be sure to be gentle on the sticks when you are close to the drone yourself. It has forward and downward obstacle avoidance, but this thing will jump into an obstacle to the side or rear faster than most people can react. The drone is rated for acceleration at about 2 seconds to go from 0 to 62MPH. We’re talking about supercar speeds here.

All this power comes at a reasonable trade-off , please anticipate a maximum of 20 minutes of flight time per battery – not a leader on our battery life list. That number reduces depending on your aggression with the sticks, but will still exceed that of a typical racing drone, which land in the 5-10 minute range.

DJI FPV camera

DJI FPV camera

First and foremost, the camera on the DJI FPV is one of the best consumer-class units that DJI has produced to date. That said, this is probably not a viable replacement for your