I recently communicated with DJI about the idea of propeller guards for the Mavic Pro. I don’t want them myself, but they sounded like a great idea for new or inexperienced pilots. Now, just a couple weeks later, DJI has added propeller guards and a whole lot more to their store.

Including a new advanced charger, remote controller hood, and those propeller guards, DJI now has over a dozen official accessories available for your Mavic Pro.

We won’t cover all of the accessories in detail here today, after all, most have already been available, or just came with your Mavic Pro in the first place. However, some of the new accessories are very exciting for us, so let’s dive in.

Please forgive me, I was so excited that I places my order for a few things before I started writing this post. I’ll share my purchasing list at the bottom of the article. Hope I didn’t steal the last of any of their stock from you.

First up, you wouldn’t know it looking at the thing, but there is a new Advanced battery charging hub. Offering the same 4 battery charging capability as the initial battery hub, it really comes down to versatility for other DJI products when determining value. Charge Mavic Pro batteries or Phantom 4 batteries. Use the Mavic Pro charger to power the hub, or the Phantom charger, your call.

Batteries will be charged one at a time still, topping up the most charged battery first, then filling the lesser filled batteries in descending order. That’s a $55 option to get the most versatile charger we’ve seen yet for the Mavic Pro.

Next, the propeller guard, and new propellers. The changes to flight dynamics is more noteworthy than the addition of the accessories – propeller protection is very important in some situations, of course. Four individual cages wrap around each propeller arm, encasing the propellers for safety. New, shorter propellers are required to fit the cages.

The result of the propeller guard and smaller propellers is greatly reduced flight time. A maximum of 12 minutes in the air, and the recommendation to keep the Mavic Pro in Tripod mode create a new use for the drone. There are some pro photographers that will get value here, as well as new and training pilots enjoying the slower pace and improved safety. A great option. At $159 for the full conversion set, you may have to think hard about your needs before purchasing.

Not available just yet, but announced for later release is a simple propeller guard, just a plastic rail like we’ve seen on many drones. Stay tuned for more details on availability, but they’ll be $15 when they go on sale.