It is always great fun to hang out with the team from GDU at drone tradeshows. They bring great machines to the show floor and have some truly innovative ideas that keep us excited. Their main machine has multiple variants and their latest is a first of a kind on the consumer market. 

Not much more to say without introducing the drones – here is our quick GDU drones guide.

GDU SAGA landed at CESGDU SAGA landed at CES

Have you ever heard of the drone manufacturer ProDrone? They’re a big player in the Chinese market developing some big drones. We walked up to one at InterDrone 2017 that was near four feet tall and had big robotic arms. It was fascinating, unless you fear the machines taking over, then it was pretty formidable.

GDU used to be called ProDrone back when they launched their first Byrd folding quadcopter. They are a lifestyle company as much as a drone manufacturer now, but that ‘other stuff’ seems to have tamed down, their compact, folding drone was nearly the only thing on display at InterDrone and still their prominent piece at CES 2018.

The GDU Byrd is the first and main drone to come from the brand, it can be found in multiple variants over the years, and now we have the O2. And that’s your history of GDU… I’m kidding, let’s dive in to the drones:

If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a commercial drone license. We call it the Part 107, it’s not too hard to get, but it will take some time to learn all the rules. We want to help you learn the rules and get your commercial license, check out our drone pilot training material.

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GDU Byrd Standard

The white drone that started it all off. Also, one of the first consumer drones that folded down for transport. This is the base design still being built today for the line. It’s a pretty simple quadcopter design where the arms fold into the side of the drone. many drones dropped their arms straight down, which helps, but the full compact nature of the Byrd has been adopted by many moving forward.

Check out the GDU Byrd Standard for $749 on Amazon, when available.

GDU Byrd Advanced

Stepping things up, the GDU Byrd Advanced trades a bod color from white to this new soft black color. Upgraded systems do everything just a little better and the GoPro gimbal enables more options for video from the sky.

Check out the GDU Byrd Advanced for $849 today. (Currently unavailable.)

Byrd Premium

GDU Byrd Premium

Fall 2016

Release Date

GDU is proud that they were one of the first to launch a folding drone. Their quadcopter design allows the arms to fold against the body of the craft, and the landing gear folds up to the belly for a greatly reduced size for transport. That said, the GDU Byrd line of drones, with the Byrd, Byrd Premium and the Byrd Premium 2.0 are still quite large. The Byrd Premium and 2.0 are powerful and fast machines, a thrill to fly. The stabilized 4K camera is well supported, and was good for its time.

Age catches up with all of us, and the GDU Byrd line is no exception. You can still find the machines for sale, but the newer GDU O2 is a much smaller machine with better camera results. The large drone is a hard sell.

Check out the GDU Byrd Premium for $1,049 on Amazon today.


GDU Byrd Premium 2.0

Take all the best that the Byrd Premium 1.0 has to offer and add in far better connectivity and range, that is the short description of the Byrd Premium 2.0. The machines get about 29 minutes of flight and can haul all sorts of payloads, including a large selection of modular cameras from GDU.

The earlier Byrds relied on WiFi connectivity, where the Byrd Premium steps up to more capable RC connectivity. This is a necessary measure for longer flights.

Check out the GDU Byrd Premium 2.0 for $1049 today.