A simple question, what would you do with simultaneous control of dozens of drones at once? When UVify puts their swarm drone, the UVify IFO, into the sky, they like to make pretty pictures and help folks celebrate special occasions. We’ve seen entertainment drones before, the Intel Shooting Star program has been fun to watch, but that’s a service, with UVify, you can throw your own light shows!

This is starting to sound like an advertisement, we really just came here to share some fun videos, UVify flew a swarm of IFO drones in a light show recently, we thought you might enjoy to watch with us.

There are two versions of this drone available, the UVify IFO is the one that started things, a powerful drone with a huge light on it. Following that, the UVify IFO-S took the platform and added smarts. Like, lots of smarts. Powered by an Nvidia Nano mini super computer, Intel RealSense obstacle avoidance sensors and whatever payloads you need, you can fly dozens of IFO-S in a swarm to accomplish a task. Mobile signage is reserved for the IFO, search and rescue is for the IFO-S.



January 2019

Release Date

It’s a bird? It’s a plane…. I’ll stop there, this is the Identified Flying Object from UVify, a business class drone ready to put you to work. You read that right, the UVify IFO is a powerful, if simple, drone by itself, but when you put 20 or more of them together, light shows are soon to follow. Advanced connectivity and as much battery life as they could manage is packed on top of a huge led light, then you stack the drones together when charging to reduce travel woes.

UVify will sell you an IFO drone, but that’s not the idea. Instead, take advantage of their business package, for a monthly fee, you get a minimum of twenty IFO drones and a no-nonsense replacement program. One simple fee puts a full drone entertainment business in your hands. Now you just need to find customers, make sure you abide by all the laws, acquire the proper waivers, and put those drone into the sky.

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May 2019

Release Date

When UVify launched their entertainment drone, the IFO, they took a carbon fiber frame and attached a big LED light to it. The drone itself is simple at first glance, ignoring the advanced computing and GPS tech to help it fly in a swarm. A few months after that, they announced the UVify IFO-S. Using the same frame, they upgraded the on-board computer, added mounting points for an array of payloads and accessories, then programmed it to be a bit smarter.

If for no other purpose, the UVify IFO-S offers a superb search and rescue experience. One drone alone is a good start -- Attach vision and infrared cameras then start the search. With the IFO-S, the "S" stands for swarm, which means that a dozen, a few dozen, how about a hundred of these drones taking to the sky to find a lost hiker or seek out a fleeing criminal. I think you see the point.

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To get your hands on these drones, UVify is doing something a little different. Sure, you can buy one of them, but if you really want to put dozens of them into the sky for your own light show, try their drone-as-a-service program. We like to call it a leasing program. For a monthly fee, UVify will supply the drones, offer service, training and replacements for the machines, you just head out into your community and start your own drone light show business. A cool opportunity.

What do you say, would you like to throw your own drone light show?

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