Who makes the best drones on the market today? There are a number of great drone manufacturers from around the globe, these drone companies produce quadcopters, hexacopters and more out of everything from foam, to high-grade materials like carbon fiber in professional gear.

There are many drones to choose from. It would be an exhaustive task to compile a list of all of the manufacturers out there, even more so if we listed each and every drone, so we’re going to focus on a few of our favorites. Join us for a simple list, a list of the top drone manufacturers on the market today.

Top drone manufacturers

  1. DJI
  2. Yuneec
  3. UVify
  4. Hubsan
  5. Parrot
  1. Autel Robotics
  2. Air Hogs
  3. Walkera
  4. Many more!
While we greatly respect many of the high-end professional and commercial drones that have price tags well beyond $10,000, we’ll mostly be sticking with manufacturers with smaller price points. On the bottom end, we know you can grab a $30 drone from even the local grocery store, but we will include very few manufacturers at that range as well.

Our goal is to always steer you toward the best drones on the market. At this time in the lifecycle of retail UAS, you’re looking at about $300+ to get something that flies well, $500+ to get something that takes great photos and $800+ for something that takes great video. This is not a written rule, just a generalization, a guideline to help curb your expectations.

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Now, let’s get started with the manufacturers. This list is simple, click on any of the company links below to see their full line of drones and related gear. The list is in no particular order. Be sure to check back to see what new manufacturers we’ve added each time we update.

We’re just getting started and will add as many respectable companies as we can as time goes on. Please hit the comments below if there is a brand you would like us to explore.


Things to know before you fly

Drone manufacturers

DJI Drones

Most recent addition: November 2020 –  DJI Mini 2

DJI Inspire 2 DJI Phantom 4 Pro announcement store DJI Drones Guide

DJI is probably the best well known name in drones on the market today. They developed the often imitated, iconic designed Phantom drone. They’ve also made the market leading Mavic Pro, drone of the moment Spark and many professional and commercial drone applications use the Spreading Wings or Matrice drones. Point is, DJI has been hard at work creating strong drone offerings in many segments, and it’s paying off.

Aside from adding features well beyond what most of us will use for any given flight, DJI is constantly adding value to their products through new accessories or software features.


Uvify drones

Most recent addition: May 2019 – UVify IFO-S commercial drone

Autel Robotics Drones guide

We met up with Uvify at CES 2018. We’d heard of their Draco racing drone from the CES previous, it won some awards, but this time was OOri, a great mini drone. They are working on some drone AI as well, but the new OOri mini drone is what is going to put them on the map, as far as we’re concerned. Stay tuned for more on that, we’ve already pre-ordered our OOri. Check out all the Uvify drones through our CES coverage below.

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Hubsan Drones