DJI Goggles Review!

Before the DJI Mavic Pro was even available for purchase, DJI teased us with the DJI Goggles – a VR headset that can be used as an FPV display while flying your drone. One of the early intro videos for the Mavic Pro showed the goggles in action, but that was about all we got.

Several months later, DJI made them official. Starting May 20, 2017, your very own set of DJI Goggles can be in the mail for $449 or less. We’ve got our set, and we’re itching to put them to use. Join us for our DJI Goggles review.

This will be the last regular update to this review, the original DJI Goggles are still a solid offering, but the newer Goggles Racing Edition are superior in many ways. The initial Goggles have been at $349 for a while now, with no apparent change in sight. We still like the DJI Goggles, and we think you will too, there’s just nothing new to say about it beyond what you will read below.

Update: The DJI Goggles work with new drones!

dji mavic 2 compare front back 3

DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 earlier in 2018, it comes with OcuSync, so it works with the Googles and more. Now in August 2018, DJI has announced the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom with OcuSync 2.0. Enjoy far greater HD video range, multi-path connectivity and more. 

New DJI Goggles Racing Edition

CES 2018 dr DJI Goggles Racing Edition

That’s right, DJI is supporting the racing crowd with an updated version of their Goggles. It’s the same great base headset that you’re about to read about below, but add in mount for racing antenna, racing frequencies, a camera and transmitter for your drone and, most importantly, reduced latency. If you need the improved performance for the race track, can can handle the exta hundred dollars to the price tag, the DJI Goggles RE could be the ticket. 

We went hands-on with the DJI Goggles back at the NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas in April. DJI had the headset at their booth the day they were announced to the public. We got to see how they worked with a Mavic Pro, but that was about all.

Our set of DJI Goggles arrived the same day as the launch event for the DJI Spark. As you can imagine, it was one crazy fun week.


The DJI Goggles are a VR headset that, in the words of our Joshua Vergara, “look just like the Sony Playstation VR Headset.” There is some truth to this, and we think that’s a good thing. Primarily, we love that both headsets clamp to your head, allowing the display unit to hang in front of your face. This, instead of clamping to your face directly, adds to the comfort, making it easier to wear the headset longer.

Functionality is the key to the DJI Goggles. FPV goggles, or VR headsets if you will, are fairly common in the drone market. Players like Fat Shark have been key in the racing circuit, and manufacturers like Parrot and Yuneec have their own branded headsets to accompany their drones. These offerings have been, with few exceptions, a one-to-one connection, drone to headset, but DJI has more to offer.