DJI has just announced the DJI FPV drone. A hybrid racing drone that is super fun to fly, immerses you in the action via VR headset, and also has a new one-handed controller.

Racing drones are hard to learn how to fly, the DJI FPV has three main flight modes, starting as simple as the camera drones you are used to, then step up introduce some racing elements, then go full tilt by taking full manual control. be ready to think fast, the DJI FPV cruises along at up to 87MPH.



March 2021

Release Date

Drone racing is terribly fun, especially when you use VR goggles to enjoy the FPV video, but those drones can be tough to control. DJI's camera drones are super easy to operate, but few are tailored to the FPV experience. DJI blended the two with the new DJI FPV.

Hold onto your controller, this drone is fast! Enjoy most of the best camera drone features that DJI produces, but in an agile machine that goes more than double the speed of the Mavic drone you are used to.

Let the 4K 60p camera capture superb video from the sky, while you enjoy a crisp experience right in front of your eyes, with the DJI FPV from $1299.00.

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Who is the DJI FPV made for?

The DJI FPV is a little bit difficult to categorize. It takes many of the best features from the camera drone world, and captures most of the excitement of the drone racing world, but it’s not really a camera drone, and it’s not really a racing drone. The FPV is a hybrid machine that is very fun to fly, captures solid 4K video at 60fps, and rockets along at up to 87MPH, so there is lots to love.


We can easily recommend the DJI FPV to pilots. We don’t mean those of you that just fly drones, we mean those of you that love the experience of flying the drone. If you get a rush from zooming by at high speeds, perhaps adding some fun maneuvers to your flight, particularly those that are skilled enough to go full-manual, or are looking to learn how to do so, this drone is made for you.

As we mention, the compromise for this hybrid is that it has some shortcomings when shooting video, if only due to the single-axis gimbal. The best camera drones rock a 3-axis gimbal, ensuring silky smooth and level video capture in most flight situations. The camera on the DJI FPV is designed to help you feel the experience. FPV is part of the game, slide the DJI FPV Goggles V2 onto your head to enjoy pretending you are at the nose of the aircraft. In that experience, having the camera tilt side to side is far more natural feeling. It’s just not ideal for cinematography.

On the racing side of things, the DJI FPV is actually a little slow. 87MPH is up there, but the best machines can go almost double that speed. The FPV is also fairly nimble, but it is quite large and heavy, it won’t be as agile as the purpose built racing drones out there.

What you get is a unique machine that will be as exciting to some as a peppy motorcycle is to some motorists. You’re not buying a motorcycle to be a family vehicle, nor to ensure your safety on the road, you’re in it for the thrill of driving. Enjoy tilting through the high speed turns, enjoy traveling in ways that other motorists cannot, enjoy the excitement of being in the action – am I talking about a motorcycle of the DJI FPV?

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The DJI FPV is up for sale today. The ready-to-fly price is $1299, then you can add on the Motion Controller for $199, and grab a Fly More kit for $299.


  • 20 - Minutes
  • 4K - 60fps
  • 87 - MPH

Things to know before you fly