At this stage in the game, the best camera for your drone is probably the one that came with it. In the unlikely event that you have a drone that did not come with a camera, a GoPro is a solid option. Of course, it may be that you have a GoPro camera and just want to put it into the sky, a task that was common before the GoPro Karma hit the scene, but is a dying sport these days.

The action camera with a reputation for being able to do it all goes airborne in this list of best GoPro drones.

DJI Mavic Pro with GoPro Hero 5 gopro drones

We are excited to see the GoPro Karma return to store shelves, it’s just too bad it was officially discontinued not long afterward. Regardless, here are the drones we would have recommended had Karma not returned. 

Best GoPro drones

  1. GoPro Karma
  2. Hubsan H109S Pro
  3. AirDog ADII
  4. Phantom 2
  5. 3DR Solo
We don’t want to update this article anymore. We’ll pop on if new offerings or exciting changes come up, but the vast majority of drones do not enable GoPro connectivity. Putting a GoPro in the sky is proving a lost art, or a waste of time. Either way, there are not many options out there anymore. Too bad, the image stabilization on the latest cameras is finally at a point that flight is viable again, oh well.

Just what are we talking about here? Let’s set some ground rules, because, with a touch of DIY, any drone that is strong enough to take on an additional 4 ounces, about 180 grams, can be a GoPro drone. We are specifically talking about drones that have official gimbals designed for the action camera. More than this, we will focus on drones that actually connect to the GoPro camera, able to stream live video back to your controller and more, in the same way that FPV video streams back using one of the best camera drones out there.

Let’s get started.

Drone Rush our philosophy


GoPro Karma (Discontinued)

Update: Karma is discontinued

Who better to put a GoPro camera into the sky than the company themselves? Sure, they had to recall their flying efforts, but we, or at least I, applaud them for their rapid response and focus on safety. Now that I know that the problem was, essentially, nothing more than a compartment latch failing to close properly, I can put the idea of their drone being a failure out of mind.

The inclusion of the Karma Grip, a hand-held unit that accompanies the Karma drone, sharing the actual gimbal between the two, is a powerful tool. One can enjoy stabilized video from the sky or from the ground for less than a thousand dollars. Not many drones alone can say that.