Notice: This is our final update to this article for this drone, there have been no new significant accessories for the Spark since mid-2019, and with the new DJI Mavic Mini announced, we recommend the new drone over the Spark.


DJI Spark

May 2017

Release Date

The DJI Spark introduced a brand new segment for the drone company, launching a tiny machine that packs more fun features than powerful specs. This drone had everyone talking about the Jedi mind tricks you can play with the machine, using the front camera and object detection to accept hand gestures for some basic controls. All of these fun flight features made for a focus on two other features, the ability to fly without a remote control in hand and making you the object of the flight.

The DJI Spark is small enough to easily pack around wherever you might like to go. It's powerful enough to combat some decent winds and the 12MP camera can snap some fun photographs. While the camera may have a 4K sensor on the inside, it only records 1080p video. The HD video resolution allows the use of the extra pixels for image stabilization. The Spark mechanically stabilizes two-axis of movement, using the sensor cropping to handle side-to-side image stabilization. Admitting that this makes for some of the worst video capture from a DJI drone in the last 5 years, we can't deny that that is still pretty good, and the compact nature and low price of the drone make it well worth consideration.

Check out the DJI Spark alone, or look into the Fly More combo to get extra batteries, a controller, accessories, a case and more.

When DJI announced the Mavic Pro in the fall of 2016, it shipped with a fairly basic set of accessories. It was not until later that they added new tools to get the most out of the drone. Things were different with the newer mini drone, making available right away a good selection of DJI Spark accessories.

For those that purchased the Fly More combo, you’ll be familiar with the first half of our list today. If you took advantage of the sub-$500 price tag, here are some of the items you’ve been missing, and then some additional tools we think will help you better enjoy your DJI Spark.

Best DJI Spark Accessories

  1. Remote control
  2. Propellers
  3. Prop guards
  4. Mobile power station
  5. Mobile power bank
  6. Sun shade
  7. Landing gear

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