For those of you looking to grab a new drone today and are able to walk into a Best Buy store, you’re in good shape. The Best Buy drones section is often well stocked, giving you many machines to choose from. You can shop in store or online.

Join us today for a quick list of some of the best drones that you can find at Best Buy. I can’t promise that they will be on the shelves, the last time I went to Best Buy they were nearly sold out of everything, but they still stock them, at least online.

Truth is, this list is going to be a simple and straightforward list of some of our favorite drones. Best Buy stocks a fair selection of machines in-store, then their online shopping experience offers most anything available for sale today. Basically, if you are not keen on shopping from Amazon or from a device manufacturer, Best Buy is a solid option for your retail drone shopping needs.

Jonathan Feist, Drone PilotJonathan Feist

Why trust Drone Rush?

I’ve been a fan of flight since a young age; while I’ve had few opportunities at the helm of manned aircraft, the hours on my fleet of drones continue to grow. I enjoy putting cameras into the sky, silky smooth aerial imagery makes me happy. My goal is to help all pilots enjoy flight legally and safely.


Best Buy drones

1. DJI Air 2S: great camera drone

DJI Air 2S: Fantastic camera

DJI Air 2S

Drone Rush RecommendsThe DJI Air 2S is the best spiritual successor to the original Mavic Pro we’ve seen yet. Packing one of the best cameras in the sky, and a reliable, compact, folding design, the Air 2S is the kind of camera drone almost any pilot can be pleased with. 5.4K video recording, 7.5 mile connectivity range, and it’s easy to use.

Should I buy the DJI Air 2S?

We love the Air 2S. When we first unboxed this drone, we liked the familiarity of it, a familiarity any Mavic pilot will appreciate. We quickly realized the Air 2S was a step above with the solid connection and the output of that camera. It’s one thing to recommend the Air 2S based on the specifications and price tag, but we’re telling you straight up, if we were only allowed to own one drone, this would be it. If you want a fun and reliable camera drone, like we do, you should buy the DJI Air 2S.


  • Great camera
  • Easy to fly
  • Best flight range around
  • 5.4K video recording
  • Well priced
  • Improved safety and flight features


  • No display in the remote
  • Limited obstacle avoidance sensors

DJI Air 2S

  • 31 - MIN
  • 5.4K - 20MP
  • 42.5 - MPH

April 15, 2021

Release Date

2. DJI FPV: Hybrid-racing drone

DJI FPV: Fast and fun camera racing drone

The DJI FPV is a blast to fly. This hybrid camera racing drone can fly like a Mavic drone, including a super stable auto-hover with stabilized 4K camera, or you can let loose with the full race mode. The DJI FPV can help you learn to fly a racing drone as well, with a hybrid-mode. While the camera only has two axis of rotation, the drone can get up to 87 MPH, a fun tradeoff.

Should I buy the DJI FPV?

We think you’ll like the DJI FPV, we know we like it. For those looking to get into the hobby of drone racing, but still want a decent camera drone, the DJI FPV is a fantastic choice. Make no mistake, this is not the best camera drone, nor is it the best racing drone around, and it costs more than a typical drone in either of those segments, but it’s the most fun we’ve had flying a drone in a long while.


  • Very fast
  • Very fun
  • New flight modes
  • Built for FPV
  • Optional new remote control


  • Expensive if all you want is a camera drone
  • Expensive if all you want is a racing drone
  • 2-axis camera gimbal


  • 20 - Minutes
  • 4K - 60fps
  • 87 - MPH

3. DJI Mavic 2 Pro: Best consumer drone

DJI Mavic 2 Pro: Best consumer drone 

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is still the overall best consumer drone on the market, but it is aging. The camera is superb, but limited to 4K, the drone is large, for a Mavic, and powerful. All-direction obstacle avoidance makes this one of the safest drones in the sky. There is a lot to like about the Mavic 2 Pro.

Should I buy the DJI Mavic 2 Pro?

We think the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is worth your money, however, we can’t deny that the DJI Air 2S produces just as good of images from the sky for a much lower price, and that the age of the Mavic 2 Pro makes us think DJI will may deprecate it soon. We’d love to see a Mavic 3 series this year, but, the Mavic 2 Pro is still one of our favorites.


  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Great camera
  • Well supported


  • Old (Launched in 2018)
  • Heavy, for a casual pack

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

  • 31 - MIN
  • 4K - 30 FPS
  • 44 - MPH

4. DJI Mini 2: Best budget 4K drone

DJI Mini 2: Best budget 4K drone 

DJI Mini 2 flying angle bushes

The DJI Mini 2 is easily the best 4K camera drone for under $500. With its subtle improvements over the original Mavic Mini, it’s also our pick for the best drone under $500. This tiny drone is one of the best machines for any caliber of pilot. It’s the kind of drone you slip into your backpack when you hit the trail.

Should I buy the DJI Mini 2?

The DJI Mini 2 is the kind of drone we want in our fleet. It’s not our favorite camera drone, and it’s too expensive to be the drone we hand over to children in our life, but it’s super easy to fly and captures good enough media from the sky for hobby purposes. If you own a drone like the DJI Air 2S, you might not have use for the Mini 2. 


  • Best drone under $500
  • Good 4K camera
  • Under 250g
  • Easy to fly


  • Lacks features found in larger drones
  • May be too simple for some pilots

DJI Mini 2

  • 31 - Minutes
  • 4K - 12MP
  • 36 - MPH

November 2020

Release Date

5. Ryze Tello: Educational starter drone

Ryze Tello: Fun starter drone 

Ryze Tello Iron Man Edition banner

The Ryze Tello is a superb starter drone. It’s fairly easy to fly, has decent flight features for the price, and offers some educational aspects for those looking to learn coding and flight logic. This is a high-end toy-class machine, please do not expect to take it into the sky to capture amazing drone photos and video.

Should I buy the Ryze Tello?

We like this drone. Despite its age, it remains a fun little drone for indoor pilots and those looking to learn more about unpiloted aircraft.


  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Easy to operate
  • Control by smartphone


  • Just a toy
  • Controller is an optional add-on