Autel Robotics Evo 2 flying CES 2020

Autel Robotics may not be the first company you think of in terms of drones, but if they are not near the top of your list, you’re missing out. Autel drones are built with a passion for putting cameras into the sky in a number of efficient and functional ways, Autel drones are few, but versatile and powerful.

Best of all, Autel robotics build drones that easily span the distance between hobby flyer and commercial professional drone. Modular cameras, multiple remotes and more make Autel drones functional for many users, now let’s see if there is a drone in there for you, this is our brief Autel Robotics drones guide.

2021 update: Autel Robotics has been building drones for the U.S. government, but we’ve not heard of any important news for the consumer market.

Autel Robotics drones

  • DragonFish
  • X-Star
  • X-Star Premium

Many of our readers will be happy to know that Autel Robotics, operates out of Washington State. They are, technically, an American company, but they are owned by Autel Intelligent Technology in China. This parent company makes automotive diagnostic tools. Your contact with Autel Robitics will be in the U.S., but your actual drone will be manufactured in China.

It’s up to you to determine if this makes Autel Robotics drones locally made or not. One thing is certain, however, buying one of their flying machines keeps an American employed. This is, perhaps, the only brand that can say this, whether it matters to you or not.