Know your airspace

The first rule to flying a drone is understanding where you can fly that drone. We’re here to help. Utilizing the power of Airmap, we’re pleased to offer you a one-stop-shop to identify where you can and cannot fly around the globe.

We’ve built the map for U.S. pilots, which means you can access Part 107 airspace information for the United States and Hobby flight rules for the rest of the globe. If you live in another country and require commercial airspace information, we’ll be building a guide soon to help you out.

Powered by Airmap.

Other things to consider:

Do I need the drone Part 107 pilot’s license?

Are you flying for a government agency, law enforcement, or a public safety entity? That includes Federal, State, Tribal, and Territorial law.

If you are not sure, see if you qualify.

July 6, 2019