DroneRush is the complete resource for anyone interested in the ways that drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles) — as a business, as a hobby, as a passion — are shaping our world. Coming from a passion to be in the air, join us as we explore all the amazing things that drones can do for man kind.

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Are you interested in drone flying, and taking awesome drone photos and videos? You’ve come to the right place. Are you a commercial drone flier looking to share tips and information in this ever-expanding field? We’re here for you, too! Maybe you just want to check in on the latest drone news and hottest videos? We’ve got fresh blogs, stories, and footage right here, every day.

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Led by Jonathan Feist, a passionate pilot of unmanned vehicles, and manned when he can get the chance at the sticks, the team at DroneRush write about the best drones and the industry of UAV. We love to put cameras into the sky, we hope you'll join us on our aerial adventures.

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