DJI Mavic Pro flying tilt filter dr

There are many drones on the market, satisfying many different needs; as far as putting a camera in the air is concerned, DJI has a solid offering on their hands. Following our full review and a focus on the camera capabilities of the high flying DJI Mavic Pro, we are here to explore the ten top reasons to consider this quadcopter.

In the early months for this new drone, the Mavic Pro was hard to find, it then became very popular, and was found in many places, but the drone has since been retired and is no longer in production. In its prime, popularity of this folding quadcopter skyrocketed, pun intended. DJI has released a few updates as well since initial release, including the new Mavic Pro Platinum, which offers longer flight time and is quieter in the air, if nothing else.

This is a highly-rated drone, and one that we endorse, so let’s dive in and see just what there is to love about it.

Mavic Pro