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5 reasons the DJI Mavic Air 2 is perfect for you

We like DJI's mid-sized, folding, camera drone, and we think you will too. Here are a few good reasons to choose the DJI Mavic Air 2.
17 hours ago

Best drone for beginners – crash and learn

Eager to try piloting a drone? We've talked theory, now to find the best drone for beginners. Not all drones fly the same, which is right for you. Updated with Fat Shark 101.
18 hours ago

Best drone apps – enhance your flight experience

The easiest way to enhance your drone flight experience is to incorporate your mobile device. Here are some of the best drone apps for Android and iOS.
2 days ago

Best mapping drones: flat maps, 3D mapping and more

Whether 3D mapping, or just creating a flat map, there is a drone for that. The best are custom built, but these off-the-shelf mapping drones will do.
2 days ago

Do you need your Part 107 certification?

The FAA has a small quiz available to help you determine what kind of drone pilot you are. Do you need your Part 107 certification?
3 days ago
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