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Best non-DJI drones

Some of the best drones are from DJI, but some want another option, here are some of the best off-the-shelf non-DJI drones on the market today.
7 hours ago

Best RTH drones – the best GPS function in the air

Return to Home functionality, or RTH, is an automated flight feature of modern drones that makes a drone land itself safely, but not all drones are equal.
8 hours ago

DJI Mavic Mini review: Still the best drone under $500

We choose the DJI Mavic Mini as the best new drone in 2019! This very compact, folding drone offers solid 2.7K video, and is small enough anyone can fly. Read our full DJI Mavic Mini review.
1 day ago

Are head injuries a good measure of drone safety?

Safety is the name of the game, how small should a drone be to ensure it can't cause serious head injury or worse? 0.55 lbs? 2.5 lbs? More?
1 day ago

Best DJI GO 4 app alternatives to fly DJI Mavic drones

Did you know that the DJI GO 4 app is not the only mobile app that can control your DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air or Mavic 2 drone? These are some of the best alternatives.
2 days ago
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