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DJI Mavic Mini review: The best new drone in 2019

We choose the DJI Mavic Mini as the best new drone in 2019! This very compact, folding drone offers solid 2.7K video, and is small enough anyone can fly. Read our full DJI Mavic Mini review.
7 hours ago

Best drones under $500: the mid-range quadcopters that won’t let you down

Flying drones as a hobby can get expensive. Sticking to a budget, here is our list of the best drones under $500. Solid quadcopters for your basic flight needs.
9 hours ago

Drone taxi service – passenger drones

You can walk, drive or go by horse, but we'll be taking a passenger drone taxi in our future. Check out the players putting people into drones.
10 hours ago

Autonomous drone vs self-flying drones, what’s the difference?

We surmise that one of these is just a part of the other. Autonomous drones and self-flying drones, are they not the same thing?
1 day ago

Best commercial drones – surveying, mapping, and search & rescue

There are so many tasks the best commercial drones can perform. Search and rescue, mapping, deliveries and more all from the sky.
1 day ago
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